3 Closing out 2013

2013 can suck it. Such a terrible year. Not the worst by far (that would have been 2010) but still just not the way a year should be. I am determined to not let the ghosts of 2013 follow me into 2014. They say that it is a new moon tonight and that a new moon on New Years means that it is a chance to hit the restart button, to wipe the slate clean. I like that.  I am going to embrace that idea.

Refresh and Renew in 2014

New look
I have a blog redesign underway and will be launching it early in the new year. I am excited for what has progressed so far and I look forward to the crisp clean look that represents the simplicity I am aiming for in life.

Focus on Less but Focus Deeper
Being a niche blogger can be a challenge because there are so many topics relating to the environment that we can write about. I plan to focus on the top issues in my life: reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, practical tips to reducing waste being sent to landfill, becoming healthier with the food that we eat and the toxins we allow into our home and lives.  I also have some exciting projects planned for next year around the house that I will share. 

Stress Free Zone
I am not going to let blogging or the ridiculous amount of social media that goes along with it to stress me out anymore. It is what it is and I refuse to let it take over my life. That isn't what I want and I know it wouldn't be what you would want either.  When things get stressful I am going to turn to yoga. I have never actually tried yoga before so this is the perfect time to start.

My Tribe
I love green bloggers. I have a close network of them that not only do I admire them but I seriously love the shit out of them. They make me laugh daily and I watch as they constantly are supportive of each other in everything we do. I share a lot of their posts and work on my Facebook Page, Pinterest, G+ and Twitter but I will also be bringing them here more too. 

Have a fantastic New Years and see you in 2014!

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  1. Excited to see what you do with your blog this coming year! You rock it!

  2. Love your new year's resolutions. Here is to a better 2014.

  3. While I don't make resolutions, it seems the beginning of a new year starts with a new focus on my blog too. I changed the look and have decided to focus more on the environmental issues that are important to me. Look forward to your new look. Happy New Year.