5 101 in 1001 (again)

Here is my list for my second shot at a 101 in 1001. Anything with a * is carryover from the last 101 in 1001.

Start Date - April 14th, 2011
End Date - January 9th, 2014

Items in green are in progress. Items in blue are completed. Items in crossed out are cancelled (plans or timelines have changed).

Number Completed - 43
Number In Progress -11
Number Not Started - 40
Number Cancelled - 7

It sucks not finishing. It sucks even more to not even get half done. Those 11 that are in progress...they are all so close. I had 2 movies left to watch, the yoga classes are bought and start soon. The biggest problem is that so many of the items I had listed were major projects and while back in 2011 it seemed realistic when push came to shove it really wasn't. I never factored in that things never go as planned. Projects are delayed, Contractors take off, products can't be found. And honestly, work took over the last couple of years. That shed we built in our backyard in 2012? Yep, still not done. It shouldn't be like this. How in 1001 days can I not find a few hours to bake bread??

Over the last few days I have been thinking about the results and if I want to do another round. I decided that I do but that it needs to be more about me. More growth, more making life what I want it to be. 

1. Go on a hike with a picnic - completed August 2013
2. Go on 2 week long camping trips - completed August 2013
3. Take B on his first plane ride - January 2012
4. Go fishing * - completed July 2011 (Joey taught me how)
5. Go camping in Algonquin *
6. Attend Oktoberfest *
7. See 2 "big" objects *
8. Go to a local baseball game *
9. Go on one big vacation
10. Learn to really roller blade (not what I currently call rollerblading)
11. Visit the Ice Hotel

12. Buy own domain - Spring 2012
13. Start a Facebook fanpage - 12.30.11 You can find it here
14. Blog at least 20 times a month for 3 months
15. Redesign blog

16. Start making the squares for B's quilt
17. Send a video Christmas message
18. Create childhood photo album for Joey *
19. Kiss in the rain
20. At least 1 date night per month (4)
21. Become a foster parent

22. Learn to apply makeup
23. Redo wardrobe *
24. Get a haircut at least every 12 weeks
25. Clean rings annually

26. Create an education fund for B and create a deposit schedule - completed May 2012
27. Donate to 2 charities each year
28. Pay off line of credit *
29. Double RRSP contributions * - completed May 2011

30. Run 10km
31. Treat myself to 3 spa visits
32. Workout 3 days a week for 3 month - completed April 2012
33. Breast reduction
34. Buy a bicycle *
35. Go to bed by 11:30 every work night for 1 month- 12.29.11
36. Learn to skate *
37. Take a yoga class
38. Learn to play golf (and not just on the Wii)

39. Learn to make 5 dishes I have not made before 
40. Bake the perfect cake *
41. Go strawberry picking - completed July 2013
42. Go apple picking - completed Oct.2011
43. Learn how to make bread *
44. Learn to make a good curry - completed June 2013
45. Make own wine *
46. Shop at the farmers market at least once a month - completed
47. Find a local supplier for organic, free from, free range meat
48. Use a CSA in the winter at least once a month - completed April 2013
49. Learn to cook the perfect steak
50. Don't eat fast food for 1 month

51. Finish basement with as many sustainable materials as possible
52. Landscape property using as many native species as possible
53. Get some of Sam's art up in here
54. Fix grass beside driveway
55. Fix fence
56. Win the battle with the vine on the side of the house - Completed 09.14.11
57. Create B's toddler room
58. Purchase a new front door
59. Restart the home composter
60. Hookup the downspout to the rain barrel
61. Install a sprinkler system
62. Build a bigger vegetable garden - completed July 2012
63. Plant 1 tree/year -  completed 2011
64. Get an outdoor clothes line *
65. Restain stairs *
66. Decorate family room *
67. Decorate living room *
68. Decorate master bedroom *
69. Decorate office *
70. Create photowall of black frames *

71. Clean and organize garage
72. Organize pantry *
73. Redo filing system *
74. Organize digital photos * - burn CD's and label, backup storage purchased, uploading to Flickr
75. Finish all photobooks *
76. Complete the 2011 in 2011 - Completed 10.23.11

Personal Growth
77. Read 22 books (6)
78. Make a Learning Tower
79. Take a photography course - completed February 2012
80. Learn to change a tire
81. Learn to knit *
82. Volunteer for at least 1 organization - completed 12.13.2012

83. Make final decision on Masters
84. Get and retain professional staff *
85. GG *
86. Write at least 1 time per week for Rex's website

87. Build a snowman - 12.27.11 Here
88. Watch the sunrise
89. Take 1 picture of B every week for 52 weeks
90. Watch all of Fringe
91. Be nice to my toenails
92. Research an environmentally friendly car - completed December 2012
93. Watch all Godfather movies *
94. Finish Super Mario Brothers *
95. Donate blood
96. Watch 26 movies I have never seen with each starting with a letter in the alphabet (24)
97. Go to the drive-in theater
98. Randomly pay for someone in line behind me

99. Get together with the girls more often
100. Host a dinner party *
101. Make a new friend


  1. Organizing 'things' is a great way to 'go green'. Just think of the things you are giving to others and the space you are opening for energy to flow! Plus know what you have can help cut down on unnecessary consumerism.

  2. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

  3. Um. This list is amazing. I really, really love how you have things highlighted that you've accomplished, what a great way to look back over what you've done.

    I must do this...

  4. I find it so much easier to actually accomplish things if I do it over longer than just the 1 year. Plus then I don't feel like a failure if something gets delayed a bit.

  5. i love that "be nice to my toenails" is on the list. It's on mine too!