3 LVE Life Solaris Backpack

We spend a lot of time outdoors and I spend a lot of time tweeting and taking pictures conducting important business. We have a charger for our car that can work even when the car isn't on but the problem is we are obviously not always with our vehicle. I never really looked for a solution and just lived on the edge when we were away from hydro for long periods. I would constant check my battery status or take turns using each others devices so we at least had one with power. That all changed earlier in the year when my friends brother launched his company that offers solar backpacks. One look and I was hooked.

So I bought one.

And gave it to Joe.

And then I totally used it all the time

Our backpack has been hiking, camping and to Bermuda. It charged our BlackBerry's like a boss and totally assisted my addiction to staying connected and Joe's obsession with checking the Weather Network. It fit everything we needed for a day at the beach and a hike in the woods. As I charged the battery I also charged my device. The next night when my device was running low I was able to plug it into the battery in the backpack and charge it, even though there was no sun. 

If you travel or hike or camp or canoe or pretty much do anything outdoors then this is the backpack for you. I never even thought about the practical application for power outages until Sandy hit last week but the LVE Life Solaris backpack would keep you connected even when the lights are out. 

Rain or sun today Joey?

Best Uses for a LVE Life Solaris Backpack
* Charging devices directly when you are out and your battery gets low
* Charging the backpack battery so you can charge devices after the sun goes down
* Making friends jealous
* Great alternative to traveling with adapters in other countries
* Big enough to hold gear for a day out in nature but not so bulky that it is hard to carry
* Charging devices during power outages
* Devices always stay charged in case of an emergency in remote areas

25L capacity backpack
Removable solar panel and battery
4 watts solar output
USB cables for connecting devices (9 different connectors included)
Battery can charge 2 devices at once (ie: BlackBerry and a PlayBook)
Battery can be pre-charged via a USB from your computer if you don't have sun

The guys are LVE Life are busy working on revamping their website but in the mean time you can buy a backpack on Amazon for $199. Worth every penny. Bonus points - they are Canadian. Extra bonus points - they are 30 minutes from me.

Disclaimer - I purchased our LVE Life Solaris backpack with our own money. I did however receive one for free as a giveaway for #helpmesavelangley and in return I promised to write a review once we had purchased our own. I can't even express my gratitude for the guys at LVE Life and how they supported our cause. But that does not reflect my review. These thoughts are 100% my own.

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  1. Awesome! I've always wanted someone to test drive one of these for me :) $199 is too expensive for me right now but definitely not an unrealistic price. Excellent! (visiting via Meet n Greet Monday)

  2. Wow! Such a must have. How long does the charge last on standby mode?

  3. You know, I am not sure. We used it in mid July when we went camping and in late August when we used it again it still had a charge.