8 US Election 2012 - A Canadians Plea

I don't think Americans realize the hope that you brought to other countries when you elected Obama four years ago. As a Canadian I was excited to see you elect someone who was refreshing. Someone who could bring change to the US and also to relationships with other countries. We have seen that change in Canada and the improvements through collaborations between our governments. Finally you have a President that we can relate to. 

I'm scared for today. For the longest time I wasn't really following your election because I figured it was a done deal for Obama. I mean seriously....how can Binders Full of Women dude become President? I'm scared based on what I am reading online and it is seriously starting to piss me off. 

I have read of many complaining that Obama caused companies to move their operations to China (apparently no company ever moved to China prior to 2008 don't ya know) or how family farms are being decimated. Do you, the consumer, not have anything to do with that? Do you vote every day with the purchases you make? Or are you driving a car made in Japan, buying your groceries from Walmart and shopping at the Dollar Tree. Of course US companies can't compete with the pricing of their competitors who make their products in China. And as you continue to buy more and more products that are made outside of the US you are showing that you care more about getting a deal than you do about keeping those companies in the US. So what I really do not understand is how every single day people can vote with their dollars and show that they don't care about locally made but then when the election comes around they are the loudest one's screaming that the government didn't do their job keeping companies in the country. 

My car? It was made with pride at the Mazda plant in Ohio. (Shout Out to Ohio!)

As an environmentalist today is either going to be another victory or a soul crushing defeat. Environmental policies made by the US affect us and conversely those that are not made, those decisions that have a negative impact on the environment, well they affect us too. I don't want more coal plants popping up or even the one's that currently operate to remain in open. Their pollution comes all the way across the border into Canada. I don't want you to take steps backwards because that could cause other countries to follow suit.  

Today is not the time to "show them" by not voting or throwing your vote away. If you want other parties to be more prominent in your election system then spend the next 4 years fighting for that change, don't try to do that now. 

Vote smart tomorrow people. We are counting on you (no pressure). But seriously, we are.

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  1. I voted Jen... and now I'm holding my breathe...

  2. What Jen said! Love this post!!! :) :)

  3. I am going to the gym at lunch just so I can watch what is going on on CNN!

  4. Well said, Jen!
    One of my favorite lines that I saw about "Obama not getting stuff done" went something like this-

    People are mad because Obama didn't fix the economy in 4 years. The economy is complicated. People go to school for way more than 4 years and can't even get "you're" vs "your" right.

  5. Sam that is awesome! I don't know how anyone expects someone to get something done in 4 years....especially with all the complicated red tape in the US government.

  6. Well said! My stomach is in knots. Hoping for the best tonight, but fearful at the same time.

  7. The results are happening too slowly!

  8. I enjoyed reading this post very much Jen and Joey. It's great to learn the perspectives of people outside the United States regarding politics here.