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When I was pregnant I bought as much organic clothing for B as I could find. If it wasn't organic I looked for second hand items. I continue to follow that now that he is 3. But when it comes to my own clothing I own very little that would be considered eco-friendly. Not because I don't want to but because it is hard to find in stores and if I do find it is very expensive. I have a love hate relationship with buying online too. I love how convenient it is but hate that 90% of the time I have to send things back because they don't fit (damn you boobs!!).

When looking for organic clothing it is important to look for third party certification (ie: Global Organic Textiles Standard). This will give you peace of mind that what you are buying is in fact organic and grown without use of any pesticides. If you aren't buying organic but a sustainable product like hemp or bamboo then you still want to make sure that it is certified.  Fair Trade is another option to look for as it means that those who grew the crops and assembled the clothing were adequately compensated for their work.

There are many reasons to buy eco-friendly clothing
* Less water used in production
* No harmful pesticides used in growing crops
* No petrochemicals in the clothing
* Less harmful dyes in the clothing
* Reduction in your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticide residues

When you are buying eco-friendly clothing online:
* Look for a company that is somewhat close to you to minimize the environmental impact of shipping.
* Look for clothing that is made within your country.
* Check their measurements so you know which size you need to order
* Ask around online (twitter is a great resource) to see if their sizing runs small or large
* Ask about their packaging and if it is not eco-friendly then consider not buying from them
* Buy more at once instead of 1 thing here or there. This will save you on the impact of your shipments.

Companies to Try
Fashion and Earth - They offer organic cotton, hemp and bamboo clothing and linens. Another great thing is that they carry a lot of lines so you can order more of what you want from the same store. Bonus - they are Canadian. What I want - JeansCapris. 

Rapanui Clothing - I love them because they not only make cool eco-friendly clothing but they also tell you exactly where the raw materials came from. What I want - Whale Tee, Hoodie.

Patagonia - They were recommended to me last winter by a colleague when she heard I was looking for a new winter coat. She told me about their Common Threads Initiative and how even though they are expensive it is worth it because they will fix their products instead of you having to replace it.  What I want - A winter coat of some kind. 

LooptWorks -  Check this out...their clothing is 100% upcycled factory remnants! They came highly recommended from Anna. What I want - Skirt.

GGO - Their clothing is made from organic bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. What I want - Sita DressWrap Dress.

Blue Canoe - They were recommended to me by Lisa because they only use organic cotton and are 100% made in the USA. What I want - Dolman Top, Yoga Pants, Wrap Dress.

Maggie's Organics - Lisa recommended this company to me because they use organic cotton and are open about their supply chain. What I want - Knit Dress, Tank.

What sites or stores do you love for eco-friendly clothing?

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