1 And then B was 3

I was up in B's room this weekend creepily watching him sleep. It was 11:19PM and I was thinking about the minute he was born. The tears, the smiles, the weird doctor that whispered in my ear that he had "topped me up with the good stuff". And then there was that defining moment when you not only hear your baby crying but when they bring him over to you and let you see and hold him. So many lives forever changed at 11:19PM. 

Being a parent has forced me to look even deeper into our journey to be green. Looking for new ways to reduce our impact and cut out exposure to toxins. I'm looking into products and services that I probably wouldn't have worried about before being a Mom. Things like eco-friendly mattresses that are free from toxins like traditional flame retardants and furniture made from sustainable wood and non toxic stains. I'm about 99% sure that things like this would not have even been on my radar if it wasn't for B. Before we became parents we focused our efforts mostly on waste and energy reduction and using less natural resources. It is amazing how a minute in time can affect the entire path your life is on. 


My hope for the next 3 years is that our home became a toxin free zone and that our carbon footprint is the lowest it has ever been. I hope that B is as passionate about the outdoors as I am and that he makes smart choices every day. I hope that the average person is more informed about the decisions they are making and their impact on the environment and future generations....B's generation. 


The last 2 weekends we have celebrated the boy that we all love. I may not throw the most exciting birthday party but I sure as hell know how to throw an eco-party complete with e-invites, all local food and almost zero waste. After all the festivities were over do you know what he remembered the most? Not the presents or the cake, but his friend and cousins being at his house to play with him. I seriously hope this means we are raising him to love people more than things.


Okay now seriously how do I have a 3 year old???

How has being a parent, aunt or uncle changed your life and your green journey?

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