4 Gardening is Hard Yo

My garden is alive with deliciousness and WTF is that ness.  Right now I am growing what is either one kick ass head of exotic lettuce or one really huge probably not delicious weed. But how do I know which it is...that is the question! And Facebook is 50/50 on the weed vs lettuce debate. 

My harvest has been okay so far but I am still waiting on a lot to mature. Like my carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. My peas are doing okay but this dry and hot summer is not been great for them. The beans have been fantastic and are still going strong! The radishes...yep they are all gone and Joe says they are the best he has ever had.

I'm learning that I am a good gardener when it comes to things that grow above ground. It is easy to see when they are ready to harvest because you know they are right there. But those produce that grow in the ground. Ugh...how am I supposed to know when you are done crunchy carrot??? You know those things that some turkey's come with that pop up when the turkey is done? Underground produce need one of those (TM TO ME <<<<<< totally legal and legit). 

Each time I go out to the garden I think about how little I get each time. I am probably picking 15 beans every week...coming from 4 plants! I seriously have a whole new appreciation for farmers and what it must take for them to take grow and pick that basket of produce.  I tip my hat to you sir farmer....I don't know how you do what you do but I love that you do it (but I am still going to try and do it at home too because I love being tortured by gardening).

How is your gardening experience this year? And seriously WTH am I growing in my garden...it's lettuce right?

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  1. My cucumber plant, after thriving for most of the summer suddenly up and died in just three days. Oops. Though honestly, I was about done with cucumbers!

    Pepper plants are still doing amazing, and our mint is ready to take over the world.

    I think next year I'll do pumpkins instead of cucumbers, and just one type of mint. Peppers for Trav, of course, and we'll have to figure out something else to try.

  2. My cukes did that a few years ago Meegs. Kind of totally out of the blue! I had 0 pepper plants survive this year :( Glad you are getting some good harvest from your garden!

  3. It is nice that you are having that experience at your garden. I want to try and do it at home too.

  4. I can relate to the items that grow below ground. The carrots are a mystery. With the potatoes, you can supposedly pick them once the plants dry up, but it's also a guessing game.