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 One day I turned around and saw B was standing with his head in the fridge. Both doors were open and he was going his typical 'hmmmm' trying to decide what he wanted to eat before bed. I have no idea how he got the doors open or what he thought he would be able to reach but I knew it was the start of a new era. A time to have to explain to a 2 year old why it is important to close the fridge and freezer doors with more information than just 'were you born in a barn??'

As parents we have done our part by choosing Energy Star appliances that help us to reduce the amount of energy our family consumes. But in order to get the most out of these appliances we need to ensure that we all use them properly. Our fridge and freezer beep when it has been opened for more than about 15 seconds. Annoying as hell when I am putting away groceries but overall a great reminder of how to ensure our appliances operate at peak energy saving performance. 

We have joined Team Energy Star to find age relevant tips on how to talk to B about energy conservation and learn new ways to reduce our own impact at home. Over 2.8 million individuals have already signed up for Team Energy Star and I encourage you to join as well. Even though this is being sponsored by the US EPA I still think that there is value in Canadians joining and sharing what we have done in our homes. There are great opportunities for kids to get involved through sharing their stories and downloading Lorax activity books. 

Why should you join Team Energy Star?
* Energy Star appliances help to save the average household over 1/3 on their energy bills (about $700/year)
 * Since Energy Star started 20 years ago more than 1.7 billion metric tons of green house gas emissions have been saved in the USA alone
* There are events being hosted all over the USA to give you tips on how to understand and take control of energy bills
* Downloadable Lorax activities for your kids!
* Interactive materials to help you save energy
* You can get the whole family involved! It is a great time to introduce energy conservation to your kids.

On June 12th I will be participating in a blog carnival with other green bloggers who have joined Team Energy Star. It is being hosted by The Big Green Purse. I will link up all the carnival posts to this post on the 12th.

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  1. That picture of your little one standing in the open refrigerator says it all! It's a constant battle trying to explain to kids why saving energy is so important, isn't it? I'm really glad to know a project like Team ENERGY STAR exists. I can use all the help I can get!

  2. It is a battle! I am hoping that by starting young he will end up understanding why it is important.

  3. Energy Star appliances are wonderful (jealous of your fridge)! I am looking forward to teaching my baby son about conserving energy and being eco-friendy. :)


  4. Don't be jealous of this fridge! It is a nightmare. Energy Star yes but the main controls over heat from the light bulb and cause the plastic holding it together to melt.

    The Ontario Fire Marshall has an agreement with the company that they will repair or replace all of their products when this happens so we are getting in contact with them!