4 Polar bears, igloos and hairy backs

When it is cold outside it is easy to be tempted to turn up the heat as your first reaction rather than getting a quilt, being active or putting on a sweater (and socks because my feet are always cold).  We have a programmable thermostat which helps to regulate the temperature based on the day and time. You have to be smart about how low you keep it because you don't want to get sick or have your pipes freeze. We keep ours at 65F at night, 70F during the day and 73F in the evening. I am always cold (we could be in South America where it is 35C and if there is a little breeze I will shiver) so I am always wearing layers in the house. This way if am cleaning I can take off my hoodie but when I am just chilling on the couch watching Revenge Very Serious Environmental Documentaries I can still be warm without cranking the heat. 

February 9th is National Sweater Day in Canada (doesn't mean you can't follow along my dear American and Overseas friends). The WWF is asking everyone to turn your heat down 2 degrees and put on a sweater. I say the uglier the better because lets face it, no one is going to notice if you are wearing a normal sweater. But everyone will notice if you are wearing this. And hello it's an opportunity to spread the word about National Sweater Day!

PSA - Do not google 'nice sweater'. I just saw more back hair and penis' than I care to see.

This years campaigns lets you get a reminder call (last day tomorrow - Feb 8th!!) from a granny to wear your sweater on the 9th! There are lots of grannies to pick from so you are bound to find one that suits your needs. ::insert evil laughter here::

So if you live in the south or west or anywhere that doesn't really get winter this post is probably not even remotely relevant. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun and send your polar bear friends a reminder phone call from a granny of your choice!

Who is in? Will you turn down your heat by 2 degrees on the 9th? (If you live somewhere where you are lucky enough to have the AC on this time of year will you turn yours up 2 degrees?). Will you wear a sweater? 

Can I take my Snuggie to work? Or maybe I should just knit one of these.

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  1. I will take one of those knitted body suits!

  2. There are just so many uses for one Katie!

  3. how do i get one? i will pay up front if they are homemade

  4. You should ask Will Wheaton. He will know.