3 Operation No Ants

Last year we had an ant problem and I talked about the eco-friendly methods we used to try and get rid of them. This year the only ants that will be in our house will be on a log of celery. To accomplish this takes a bit of upfront work but it is worth it. If you follow these tips hopefully you too will be ant free this year!

Use a sealant to seal up cracks and holes in bricks, siding and foundation. There are even eco-friendly options on the market. They contain zero isocyanates and zero urethanes and meet strict regulations for states like California.

Use a non toxic caulking to seal up any holes around your windows and doors. Eco-friendly options are outlined here.

Make sure you have good weather stripping under your doors. Ours was old and worn out and the ants would get in under it (while the door was closed) to get into our house. 

In the area's where you have previously had ants enter the house put down a line of real cinnamon. Ants hate it so it will deter them from entering your home in that location.

Watch where you put your backyard compost bin. If you have it too close to your house (like we do) then ants may be attracted to it and in turn then to your house.

Ants hate mint too so consider planting some in the gardens that surround your home.

When you are spring cleaning think about every area ants could hang out. Clean the area with vinegar and hot water to get up any food residue that may attract ants. Make sure you get in under your appliances and shelves in your pantry.

Don't leave food out on your counters or tables and ensure anything that hits the floors is quickly cleaned up. Organize your kitchen to ensure food is in air tight containers. If they can't smell it then they won't want it!

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  1. We struggle with ants every single year. We have sprayed in the past but it really does not seem to work very well. I am going to put your anti-ant regime to work at my place this year. Thanks for the non-toxic tips. Jana following from UBP

  2. Let me know how it goes Jana!

  3. I remember operation "ants" last year! I am giggling thinking about it....:)