2 Help Me Save Langley - The Final Push

It is hard day after day checking on Langley's page on Reece's Rainbow and seeing that he has not yet been scooped up by a family. Langley doesn't know what we are doing for him. He doesn't even know that you and I exist. But we know that he exists and that is huge. Together we can change the path he is on and give him a chance at a good life.

We have 2 weeks left to do all we can to help save Langley. To do this we need to get his grant account up as high as possible and we need to get his precious face out there. Both of these will increase his chances of finding a forever family.

I have been amazed by what you have given and how much you have shared our efforts to save Langley. You have donated $2061 which means together we will have added $4122 to Langley's adoption grant account. When we reached the $2000 goal for matching I was beyond happy and as a result we have decided to increase our matching to $2500. This means for every dollar you donate you are really adding $2 to Langley's grant account. 

I've thought about what we can do to keep the momentum going as we come towards the end of our fundraiser (ends April 29th). So here it is:

The on-going rules:
* For every $5 donated you get 1 entry into the giveaway (use the Chip In located on the right)
* Every time you share this on Facebook, Twitter or your blog you get an entry (tag me so I know)

Additional rules:
* Buy Norwex products from Rachel and you get an entry (leave a comment so I know)
* Buy a balloon for Langley and you get 1 entry/balloon (leave a comment so I know)
* Get someone else to donate and you will get an additional entry (leave a comment so I know)

Prizes are listed here.


  1. He's beautiful. Wish I were in a position to be able to adopt.

  2. He is adorable and apparently from a Mom who met him last year he is very cheeky and fun!