3 More than Earth Day

This weekend marks the 42nd Earth Day and in our home the day will pass with only a minor bit of fanfare...because for me I try to live every day with the same notoriety that Earth Day gets. Last year we bought a tree (which due to crap weather we planted on Mother's Day). This year we will be outside enjoying nature and undertaking a throw down given to me by a colleague to pick up as much garbage as I can. Challenge Accepted!

I love the discussions Earth Day creates. At work we were talking about litterless lunches and the challenges that can be created when you have takeout for lunch. So on Thursday a colleague and I challenged ourselves to ask our favourite takeout restaurant if we could use our own bags, chopsticks and containers. They answer was a very appreciative YES. 

I love the events that pop up locally around Earth Day.  Communities band together to plant trees, pick up litter and learn about their local environment. You see more families out enjoying the natural environment whether it is a hike in the woods or riding a bike instead of driving. 

I love thinking beyond Earth Day. Think about what you can do every single day. Think about your current behaviours and how you can change them to live and more eco-friendly life. The biggest thing we have done on our green journey is to understand where we are having the biggest impact. It is important that you evaluate your life! Figure out where your opportunities for improvement are and come up with a plan to work on those. You can't know where you are going if you do not know where you are currently at. Don't just pay your utility bills and not think about what you are really consuming. Look at the numbers, examine the data...figure it out. 

I hope you have a fantastic Earth Day. But even more so I hope the days after are just as eco-friendly as Sunday. 

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating our planet today! Unfortunately we had storms all day so we were stuck inside, but the message was heavy on our minds. I am a big believer in acting locally because our actions impact the whole planet and all of humanity.
    Love reading your blog for green inspiration. Shared and stumbled this post.

  2. We had bad weather all weekend too but there was a break in it for a few hours so we were able to get out for a bit.

  3. New follower from Monday hop! Love your blog. Very creative. I would love to go green. Maybe your blog will inspire me and help me!