3 Styrofoam is our Recycling Mortal Enemy

If there is a recycling pet peeve of Joe's it is probably the fact that I insist that we keep all styrofoam so we can take it to the recycling center. It isn't picked up curbside and there is no way in hell I am putting it in the trash. So it sits in our garage. At first it was in a box but it outgrew that box so I started a new box and then it outgrew that box. So I started a bag. It has since outgrown that bag too. Now I just pile the styrofoam on top of the boxes or bag, leaving them just teetering there. I haven't seen it but I am about 97.4% sure Joe let's out a sigh and rolls his eyes every time he walks through the garage. 

We need to take it to the recycling center but with it being all the way on the other side of town I need to make sure it is worth the trip. Never mind that we went on a landfill tour last fall and I forgot to bring our stockpile with us. Or that we went to the market beside the recycling center nearly every weekend this summer and each time I walked right by the styrofoam mountain without putting it in the trunk. It is like I forget that it is there! OMG I wonder if the garage spiders are using it as a kickass fort??? I know I would if I was a spider.

I bet you are waiting for a picture of the styrofoam castle. Not going to happen because #1 that would mean I would have to move stuff around to get to it #2 Hello I mentioned spider forts #3 I don't want you to laugh at me.

How do I solve this problem? I really think it is easy.
* Convince Joey it is super cool to take our own containers for takeout
* Buy meat from a farmer so we don't have to buy organic meat that is on a styrofoam tray
* Look for products that don't use styrofoam in packaging but rather the pressed paper packaging material (not clue how to figure this out without opening a box)
* Get a bin specifically for styrofoam and when it is full take it the next time we are near the recycling center. In the winter maybe get 2 bins since we aren't in the area as often
* Clear out the area below our blue box area so the styrofoam bins can go there

How do you deal with items you can't recycle curbside?  My other issue was batteries but I have that one solved and will talk about it in another post.

Check out the Change the World Wednesday post for more great ideas.

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  1. Ooooh ... Styrofoam! I hate the stuff!! I like #3 on your solution list ... avoid it. I'm vegan so don't have to worry about those trays that they put meat into these days ... and I absolutely won't buy any produce that comes in them. Actually, I won't buy any products that come in Styrofoam. It's the packing "peanuts" that drive me nuts but I've recently learned that some companies, like UPS, will take them and reuse them. Still ... I wish companies would find other materials to use for packing.

    I got your post too late for today's CTWW post but I'll definitely include it next week! :-)

  2. LOL!, spider forts! You crack me up! I hate styrofoam as well and just avoid it and do not buy anything that is wrapped in it. I recently found out best buy recycles gift cards! I had a nice big pile of them. Probably not as big as your styrofoam one! hehe

  3. I wonder if the Best Buys up here do that too?

    This spider fort has been in the making for about 3 years. Thankfully we don't add to it too often! The worst is when it is inside a box...like the squares that cover corners. Ugh.