2 I sound like a man [Updated]

My nose is plugged (yet won't stop running), I can barely hear and I can't stop coughing. In fact yesterday during a conference call I was leading I had a huge coughing fit. Mute button FTW!  

The problem with being sick is that I don't get to just lay in bed and rest. There is laundry to be done, rooms to be cleaned, trucks to be raced, puzzles to be solved and potty time. I also don't take any drugs so that means I am typically sick longer than the average bear. Frankly I am miserable right now and there seems to be an abnormal amount of cold and flu commercials on the TV...taunting me with their claims of no more mouth breathing and no more piles of kleenex. 

So let's talk about some natural remedy's that I am going to be trying out.

To get rid of my cough
* Hot water with honey, ginger and turmeric - yes it sounds gross but Rishma's Mom swears by it so I am going to give it a try. [UPDATE] Okay so not gross at all. Tastes like an indian tea. It worked well...just need to drink it for a few days to completely get rid of the cough.
* Honey with black pepper - this is supposed to loose mucus and let you cough it up

To clear all this snot out
* Hot shower - bonus I can reuse the water as part of my No Impact Leap Day! [Update] Yep, totally works...lets me go a few hours snot free!
* Putting boiling water in a bowl and putting my head over it with a towel over my head. - I sense this will be boring but hopefully effective. 

Stuff that probably does nothing but will trick me into thinking it does
* Soup - my favourite is tomato but we don't have the ingredients on hand to make it so I will be sticking with vegetable.

What are your favourite natural ways to get rid of a cold/flu?

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  1. Have you tried a neti pot? Or even just saline drops in the nose? It helps break the mucus up a bit.

    Feel better, colds suck.

  2. I haven't tried either. I should try the saline and see if it will work.