0 Public Transit is Exhausting Yo

I am frickin tired. And not just end of week kind of tired...this is the kind of exhaustion that comes from running in heels. Taking stairs 2 a time...in heels. Commuters don't seem to wear running shoes to/from work like the ladies in Toronto do. 

 That's right ladies....it's on.

I'm still in London this week and each day I take the train to work. Usually I get my ticket on time and am standing there waiting a few minutes before they announce which track the train is on. But some days...like today I leave my hotel room 2 minutes later than normal and I am hauling ass through the station to get to the train on time. 

It is the trip back to the hotel that wears me out. My shuttle leaves 10 minutes before the train arrives. Everyone else in the shuttle is somewhat calm but not me. Nope on the inside I am always screaming OMG MAKE THE LIGHT. Or WHY ARE YOU STOPPING FOR THAT BUS. I'm pretty sure I have the door to the van open before we even stop and then I (and everyone else on my train) sprint into the station. Of course our train is not right beside the station...we have to climb stairs and run across a bridge over the tracks and then down more stairs. Again...3 of the 5 days I have been in heels while doing this.

I have a whole new respect for anyone who takes public transit to work. My brother has been riding the Go Train (Toronto commuter train) for a decade and he is now a God in my books. How does he handle this kind of stress??? I don't want to say it because this is counter to my crunchy ways but it is way less stressful sitting in a car in traffic. I wonder if that is why so many people do not take public transit? If the stress of catching the train or the bus or the tube (hahaha already picking up the lingo) is just too much to do every day. Some days I have to stop what I am doing and quickly pack up so I can catch the shuttle to get the train. Sure I could wait for the next shuttle and next train but that one isn't express and for some unknown reason that pushes me to get out the door in a mad rush to get the express.

Now having said all of this I do enjoy the little commuter community that I have seen going on. I see the same people on the train each day and we do nod to each other or roll our eyes if we are running late. And people have been super kind in helping me out if I have that 'where the fuck am I going' look on my face. 

If there was better public transit at home I would consider taking it to work. I would just wear something other than heels for the journey (and I would always have wine in the fridge because lets be serious...wine cures all).

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