0 Green Improvements or Green Washing?

I have stayed in 3 hotels in the last 4 days. 2 of the hotels have been major chains and 1 is a smaller local run hotel. To my surprise each has a whole host of green options available to their guests. Not just the typical 'we don't wash your towels if you leave it in xyz place' kind of stuff either.

Here are some of the things that I have seen:
* Your lights don't work unless your key card is in a slot on the wall (common in Europe) and it means that you can not leave your lights on when you leave!
* The lights and fan in the bathroom turned off automatically after 15 minutes. When I walked back in they turned on.
* Room service menu's feature all local foods.
* Environmental commitments posted right on the wall
* Fair trade tea and sugar in the room
* Lots of vegetarian options on the menu

But of course there have been some non eco items in these hotels.
* Soap wrapped tightly in plastic
* Heated towel rack (had a switch to turn it on though)
* Intensely strong water in the shower (am I an elephant?)
* The TV turns on automatically when you enter the room

I know there is much room for improvement and we can't possibly see all that a hotel is doing behind the scene's. So are the small things like this just a way for a hotel to green wash us into thinking they are really green when in fact they are not?

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