2 Shot through the heart

Today started off hard. Anyone who has had a kid wean knows what an emotional roller coaster it is. There is that moment where you realize that you area finally through it and that you have made peace with the fact that a pretty kick ass chapter in your life has ended. I had that moment just a few nights ago. I finally came to terms with the fact that I am no longer a breast feeder and never will be again. 

But then this morning I walked into B's room to wake him up and he happily greeted me with 'Hi Mommy' which was followed by a soft little cry and 'Mommy's Malk??' I tried to explain to him that there is no more Mommy Milk left but that we could go downstairs and have some Airplane Milk (he drinks his almond milk out of an airplane cup) but B was not buying what I was selling. He cried and asked for Mommy Malk over and over again. He didn't understand that there was none left. I tried to comfort him but seriously it was so hard to not be able to give him what he wanted and to see how confused he was. He was probably all 'Yo Homeslice I have been coming to this buffet for over 27 months. So now you are saying there is no food left?? Homie don't play that' (because this is totally how I think my kid talks). 

It gets easier and better right???

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  1. It gets lots easier! Charlie and Westley were just over 28 months when I weaned them, and bedtimes were hard. I stayed calm and told them that the mommy-milk had dried up because they were such big boys, but that they could have water if they were thirsty, and they could always have mommy-cuddles. The first week was the toughest, when they asked every night and cried. Then after that they'd forget for a few nights, and cry again when they remembered. But the crying got to be shorter and shorter in duration, and I said the exact same thing every time. Eventually I think they were just asking out of habit, and then they wouldn't even cry, just ask and then happily accept their water when I offered it.

    Altogether, I think Charlie asked for about a month after the last time he ever nursed, and Westley asked on and off for close to three months. The last time he asked, it actually made me laugh, because it had been so long since the last time he had thought of asking! I just said, "There isn't any more, remember?" and he said, "Oh yeah."

    Stay strong, stay consistent, make sure he knows that you're still there for him, just in other ways :)

  2. Your kids crack me up Janet!

    It is so weird because he is the one who chose to wean in the first place (over the last few months) and we have been completely done for a few weeks now.

    I think it was a habit thing. I think he woke up hungry and his first thought was OMG MILK!!!