1 Am I really Green?

So I got asked by Jen to comment on what it’s like from my perspective whether or not I’m “green”, or what it’s like living this lifestyle?

Well in short, in my opinion I knew what I was getting into. Jen is VERY passionate in what she believes in…yet she is “somewhat” still understanding that I don’t see everything the same way she does. We are two different people living our lives the best way we can, providing each other with different angles on life, hopefully guiding B down a road that will empower him to make the proper decisions in life that reflects BOTH of our opinions.

Hey, I will be the first to admit that Jen has opened my eyes to many great things, things I’ve never really paid attention to but now do. There are the obvious ones such as the recycling, reduction, reuse; but what I’m talking about are the bigger life lessons. The ones that have an impact not on us as adults, but the ones that have an impact on our Son or his kids for the many years and decades to come.

Now there are many times that I still give her the stink-eye for the smaller choices we make….you know the one! Like “Really Jen, are you kidding me. Do you know how long it takes the freaking cable box to load all the data when I plug it back in after you unplugged it when I go to bed!!!” Or when I come back from shopping (hells ya, I CAN grocery shop…..on my own even) and I pull out the roll of Saran Wrap or re-sealable plastic sandwich bags and get the look of death. Don’t even let me begin to explain the wrath that’s forthcoming when she sees the little plastic produce bags, or worse yet the paper towels.

To get back to the point and the question, “am I Green”? The answer is No. Have I made a lifestyle change, absolutely yes! I am comfortable admitting that Jen has had a profound influence on how I think when it comes to certain circumstances; I now look for bio-degradable options, I’m reading labels and looking for certain chemicals. I'm looking if there are more eco-friendly options, can I buy local (LOVE the farmers market now and would never have said that before), do I really need to by new or is there a second hand option, and so on.

Are Jen and I going to agree on everything….you can forget that!! Am I still going to make decisions that are not the most environmentally friendly…..more than likely. Am I still going to be “wasteful”….in certain ways probably (just don’t ask Jen about my ability to be water-wise). What I can tell you with certainty is that I have a choice, and on most occasions that choice is to think smart and to think sustainably. Not for just my personal and greedy reasons, but for the future of our Son and his friends. And for the ability to know what those options are, all that I owe thanks to my wife.

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  1. I LOVED hearing Joey opinion. Its nice to get an honest opinion that hey im not green but hes trying to be different. Also Joey thanks you a good laugh first thing in the morning!