6 Is Joey really 'Green'?

I get asked a lot for tips on how to help someones partner be more comfortable with adopting a more eco-conscious lifestyle. My advice usually goes something like this:  You can't make someone be green, they have to want to make that change themselves. But the easiest way to helping them understand how easy it can be to be green is to make small changes over time. If you go balls to the walls right out of the gate chances are you will scare the crap out of them and they will revolt until they are hiding in a corner covered in paper towel and eating Big Mac's.

I don't always get full support for making green decisions in our life but I also don't have to put up with a lot of push back...the occasional eye roll or side eye yes but never a full on revolt. No Joey is not as eco-conscious as I am and I don't think he ever will be. He will always run the water while he is cleaning the kitchen or while brushing his teeth. Nothing I do or say will change that....not even putting a post it note on the mirror letting him know how much water goes down the drain each minute and how many kids that could help in another country. Not that I have done this...but I have thought about it. 

Joe has grown along with me on our eco journey and he is supportive of most of the ideas I bring up (he is not supportive of this month's eco-challenge because it takes a good 5 minutes for the cable box to ramp back up). There are these awesome moments too where he suggests that we think outside of the box and find an alternative greener solution.

So if you are looking for a magic way to make your partner be fully supportive of your green initiatives I'm sorry to say there isn't one. I am fortunate that Joey is supportive of my ideas and the changes I want to make in our life. I am also fortunate that he throws in his own ideas of how we can make improvements. But he will never be as green as I am and no amount of blogging, research, post it notes or arguments is going to change that. And that my friends is A-Ok with me. 

Stay tuned for a post from Joey this week on his take on this subject. I wonder what life is like on the other side of the crunchy coin?

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  1. I always find it interesting to see which person in a couple is "more green." Not that it is a contest, but when you spend a lot of your day focused on making greener choices, it sometimes can feel like one. I certainly share more of the eco-friendly burden at home.

    I also think it is is interesting that it is women that are greener, or at least consider themselves so. Wonder if there have been any studies about this?

  2. A lot of men I know are greener than their partners. But the people I see the most on the internet are women. I wonder if women are just more open to talking freely about it?

  3. I think Joey and J.P are the same person! LOL. It is funny you mention the running water thing, I too have thought of putting post it notes when he is shaving...Grrr! We have definitely grown together as well. I was green when we met, JP not so much. So we keep moving forward together but there is definitely a gab between us! It is ok.

    When we start our project green foot he got so excited about it and throw in a bunch of ideas that were fabulous!

    I love that joey is baby wearing, I love it when JP does it too!

    I am soooo looking forward to the day we FINALLY met! It is going to be one big green party! We will have to bring the two J's, they can let the water run and we can take green! :)

  4. Aww thanks Steph! I am so glad I "met" you online this year!

    The water running thing just makes me laugh now. I am going to start shouting random things like 'hey are you washing an elephant in there?' 'Do you hear that rain? I better get the ark ready!'.

    I love your Project Greenfoot. It is such a great way to do small things as a family that have a big impact over the year.

  5. FYI... that picture is yummy. ;-)