3 Misconceptions with Public Transit

Environmentalist (myself included) are always talking about alternative modes of transportation. Like riding your bike, walking or taking public transportation. But what I wonder is are there misconceptions about taking the bus? Do people look at those on or for a bus and think that they are doing it because they are concerned about the environment and trying to reduce their impact or do you think that they are just too poor to afford a car? Is taking the bus not cool? 

When I see someone waiting for the bus I will admit that my first thought is not that they are doing so to reduce their environmental impact. My first thought it usually that they do not have access to a vehicle at that time. I don't know why I think this way. I have been thinking about it for weeks after my friend Sam suggested I blog about this subject. What I have realized is that I don't think this all the time, just when the public transit system isn't user friendly. When I think about the transit system in Toronto, New York City or San Fransisco I think that people take the transit because they want to save time or money or because they want to reduce their environmental impact (or all of the above!). But when I think about the transit system where I live I can't imagine someone wanting to take it. There are much needed improvements coming to the overall system but right now it seems very inefficient. For short routes it is easy but for longer routes (say from my home to work) it is complicated and take a long time (2 hours). So I guess I think that if someone is taking the transit system here they must be doing so because they have to...not because they want to.

What are your perceptions of public transit?

This idea for this post came from my friend Sam. If you live in Virgina you totally need to stop by her blog and facebook and check out her Pollinator Plates.

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  2. I must admit, I think you are taking a bus because you don't have a car. Having rode the bus when I was younger and carless, I can say it was not a pleasant experience. I was oogled by some creepy guys, and in the hot Texas sun, the bus reeked of unwashed bodies.

    Stopping by from the flock together blog hop.

  3. @Michelle - Eau d'unwashed bodies is not something I want to smell.