2 My Steam Mop is Haunted

Last year I bought a steam mop because all I ever heard from people was how awesome they are...that they made sliced bread look like unsliced bread. Such dirty dirty lies. Today as I was washing the floors I didn't have my usual struggle to push the mop along. Now either bootcamp is working and I am super strong now or maybe this steam mop is actually working like it should!  Normally I get a steam mop facial when I use it but today there was very little steam coming out of the top. I assumed this meant that it was coming out of the bottom...like a steam mop should and that this was sign #2 that it may actually have decided to start working.  But then I realized how much water I was going through. About 3 times what I normally would. And the floors were not warm to the touch...they were cold. 

My Nancy Drew skills determined that perhaps my steam mop was not working at all and was instead just dripping water onto the pad thereby making it easier to push but not actually doing any real cleaning. Funny enough I think it was actually easier to get the floors clean. Food came up with very little work compared to when there is steam billowing out of the mop. 

Now here is where it gets really weird. When I was done cleaning and unplugged the mop it started to generate steam. And it kept generating steam for a good 10 minutes. Spooooky.

Today I realized I have no idea how a steam mop should function because I clearly thought mine had finally started to work when in fact it appears that it is completely broken. Or haunted.

It feels like such a waste to throw this one out and buy another one (different brand obviously) so I am going to try a few things first. First step will be cleaning it with vinegar in case there has been any calcium/hard water build up. 

Do you have a steam mop? Which one do you have and do you love it? If you don't have one what do you use to clean your floors?

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  1. Thanks for joining Flock Together today. I'm now following you!

    I actually really like my steam mop. Hope you're able to work out a solution. I've often wondered if minerals from tap water could clog them though.

  2. Which steam mop do you have Mikki?