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Last weekend we held our garage sale for our Weekend to End Women's Cancer walk. This was hands down the largest garage sale I have ever seen. We had a warehouse full of stuff that had been donated from friends and family!  We started to set up at 4:45 (AM!!) and had our first customers before 6. A lot of things found new homes and we raised money for a great cause. Anything that we didn't sell will be donated to a local charity.

Here are my new totals

Recycled - 0
Garbage - 0
Hazardous Waste - 0
Donate - 5
Sell - 136
Giveaway - 11
Return - 0
Compost - 0
? - 0
Total number of items - 152

Grand total so far =  1960 items (OMG SO CLOSE!!)

Most thought provoking from an environmental perspective - Baby items can be a total waste of money and resources. Sometimes they don't use them at all or they use them for a few short months. Thankfully when we were pregnant with B we didn't buy a lot of stuff and even know we only buy what he needs. This has really helped us to cut down on the number of items we have to donate or sell and it has helped to reduce B's impact on the environment.

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