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All day today I thought about the yummy meal cooking in the crock pot. As I walked into the house I was overcome by the smell of BBQ chicken and it made me smile. As I got closer to the crock pot my stomach growled and I started to get the rest of the meal ready. That is when I felt something crawling on my toes. I looked down to see at least 2 million ants all of the floor! Now imagine me trying to get dinner ready, entertain a 2 year old while trying to keep him out of Ant Fest 2011 and attempting to kill as many of them as possible. I need more arms and legs.

I washed the floor twice tonight and then went to put B down to bed. When I came back down I found that the ants were back. I don't know where they are coming from as it looks like they are emerging from under the baseboards.

I am so sick of the ants this year. It is impossible to keep them out of the house. I am seriously thisclose to just buying whatever death chemical I can get my hands on and nuking these fuckers. I know I shouldn't because it is horrible for the environment and toxic to Louie (our cat) and B. But I hate not winning and these ants are soooo winning this year.

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