6 Weekly Eco-Challenge: The Vine vs Jen

Let's continue on the 'Jen isn't winning' theme shall we and talk about this vine that is growing on the side of our house. I have been fighting to get rid of it for months now and have now determined that the last test of pouring hot water on the roots did not get rid of it. In fact I think the hot water combined with the insanely hot temperatures has angered the vine and caused it grow faster and stronger.

I have been trying to avoid having to find and dig up all the root balls because the one that I can see is the size of my head. So this is my last ditch attempt to find a solution. What ideas do you have for me awesome readers?  Here are some ideas I am throwing around in my game attack plan.

- Vinegar (it does a million things so it has to kill vines too right?)
- Ninja moves
- Borax
- BB gun
- Salt

I want to win the war this summer with this thing so I do not have to do this again next year and so I can finally plant some flowers long that side of the house!

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  1. lol Ninja moves. Sorry I can't be of some help but thanks for the entertainment!

  2. So you don't think my sweet ninja moves will work?

  3. I've only heard of the vinegar trick, but never tried it myself. Sounds like you'd need a lot of vinegar for something that big!

  4. I have no idea what kind it is...I should take a picture and post.

  5. I have no advice, but admire your tenacity! Found you via Green Blog hop! Just wanted to say hi, and I'll probably add you to my blogroll later tonight!

    All the best.