0 Our Water Consumption - The Results

I wrote a few months ago about how I had noticed that our water bill was out of control. It made no sense since I knew we had not increased our consumption. Joe looked around and found that our garden hose was leaking like a mo fo. He shut off the water until it was spring and we could fix it. We also found that 2 of our toilets were leaking. He fixed those and we were just waiting for the next full bill to come to see how much of an impact these changes made.

Before changes
January - 12 m3 (2009), 14 m3 (2010), 20 m3 (2011)
February - 10 m3 (2009), 9 m3 (2010), 17m3 (2011)
March - 10 m3 (2009), 9 m3 (2010), 21 m3 (2011)
After changes
April - 10 m3 (2009), 11 m3 (2010), 8 m3 (2011)
May - 15 m3 (2009), 10 m3 (2010), 11 m3 (2011)

I can not believe the amount of water being wasted by these 2 simple things. I just wish that I had caught it earlier.

Does anyone actually watch their consumption this closely monthly? If you don't do you think you might start?

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