0 2011 in 2011 - Week 19

Wow I have really slacked off on this eh? I have a garage sale coming up for this years Weekend to End Women's Cancers walk so I will be back at it again shortly.

This week I found 18 things to sell. There wasn't anything overally interesting this week. Just some baby clothes and shoes that B has outgrown.

Grand total so far = 1808

So close that I can taste it.

I have had a few people ask me if I can notice a difference in having 1800 things out of the house. Well the answer is I don't have 1800 things out of the house, 977 have left the building. The remainder are waiting on this garage sale so once that is over I will have everything out and I think it will feel a bit liberating. There will be less clutter around here and someone else will get use out of things that we have loved and things that we don't need any more.

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