0 X Marks the Spot

*Note to my readers outside of Canada - today is our Federal Election.

I come from a very political family that includes Ministers in the Provincial government and a Premier. So politics has always been a "big" deal that was broken down into 2 parties. Conservatives and Liberals. I for one have always voted Liberal. I didn't even bother reading platforms as I knew I would vote Liberal.

This year I approached things differently. I decided to read the platforms of the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and the Green Party. I wanted to know why I was putting that X next to someones name. It needed to be more for me than just 'because I always have'. I also looked at the analysis for our riding. I discovered that my vote really did not matter. I knew I was not going to vote Conservative and it turns out we live in a Conservative 'safe seat' riding so it really doesn't matter who I vote for...it will not make a difference. I wondered how many other Canadians felt this way and it turns out there are thousands of us.

So my strategy changed. I signed up to pair my vote with someone else in Canada to make my vote matter. On Saturday I got my match! He lives in the Vancouver Island North riding and he wanted me to vote Green for him and he will vote NDP for me. Now in our pairing the vote I make for him will not change the result of my riding but the vote he makes for me could very well take a seat from the Conservatives. His riding is a swing riding...it could go either way between the NDP or the Conservatives. My vote may make a difference!!

I'm hoping that tonight we will see a new government form that will help to keep Canada beautiful. A government that will keep the promises we made on the international stage for reduction in emissions. A government that will reward individuals for making sustainable choices and tax industry who do not.

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