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I spent most of the afternoon on Saturday Fiskar'ing the crap out of the dandelions on our front lawn. 3 hours of work and I got about half of the lawn done. Yep it is really that bad this year. There are many factors at play for it being as bad as it is but the biggest is that our lawn sucks. It was crappy when we moved in 4 years ago and as hard as we have tried there has been no saving it. In fact whenever we talk about it now we say "lawn" or "grass" in air quotes. Because really it isn't a "lawn" or "grass"..instead it is a mixture of clover, prickly long soft weedy things, crab grass, dandelions and yes the odd blade of grass.

My neighbour on the other hand has the most beautiful thick green lawn. I dream of rolling around on it laughing, probably with some puppies around me, fluffy clouds in the sky and everything in slow motion. We plan on replacing ours this year but with 10,000 square feet of lawn who knows how long it will take to get done. In the mean time I am totally green with envy of our neighbours lawn...or heck any one's lawn that isn't 98% frickin dandelions.

How do you manage to keep a green lawn without using chemicals?

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  1. I feel ya on this one. We moved into our house last weekend and tore up the "lawn" (mulch on gardening tarp with weeds sticking through)on Sunday. We are crossing our fingers that the seed we put down actually grows because I am not paying to put down sod at a rental!

  2. I worry about putting anything down this summer. It is supposed to be so hot!

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