4 What I love about Spring

I love this time of year...okay I love every time of year that does not involve freezing rain, miles of snow and ridiculous wind. Here is what I love about Spring.

Opening the windows - There is something about that first day that you crack open the windows in your home after a long cold winter. The smell of the spring air wafting through the house, the sound of birds chirping and kids playing. The downside of course is the dust (and cat fur) that gets kicked up from the breeze. The upside is B stares at the little particles and points and yells 'oh no!!!'

Smells - Like fresh cut grass, hot dog roasting on a fire and an approaching rain storm. Actually combine 1 and 3 and I am in heaven. There is the smell of sparklers and fireworks, tents that have been packed up since the fall and freshly blooming flowers.

Camping - We love to camp and try to go as often as we can. And by camp I mean in tents...sleeping on the ground. We have taken B 2 times so far and he is also a fan. I love the first night when you get to your site and your friends are there and you quickly put up your tents so you can sit down and enjoy the fire and SMORES. I love the relaxing days where you do whatever you want and there is no real urgency or deadlines. I love the stories we create about the creepy neighbour in the site beside us (seriously Wolf Man was terrifying).

Walks - We go for a walk nearly every day now. We have many options on routes to take and lately we have been walking through the trail in the woods and then into a new neighbourhood being built. Mostly we are looking for front door ideas! I love how B points to everything and loudly tells us what it is. BIRD!!! PRPPY!!! RUCK!!!

Gardening - Last year we started a veggie garden and I fell in love. Now I enjoy spending my free time out in our yard weeding or planting. I'm starting to take some pride in it and really look forward to planting a new and larger veggie garden this year and also planting a lot more plant gardens.

What do you love about spring?

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  1. Opening the windows is THE BEST! It seems like you don't realize your house feels "stuffy" until you open the windows up and get fresh air in. Ahhhh! :)

  2. So true! It is almost like you forget what fresh air is!

  3. where have you guys been to camp so far this year?

    my spring fav (and Tim thinks I'm nuts that this makes the list)... hanging clothes on the line again. that fresh crisp feeling is awesome in my books!