11 Weekly Eco-Challenge - Ants

What is with the ants this year? They are everywhere and the colonies are massive. Right now they are enjoying a lovely dinner made up mostly of the grout in between our patio stones. ::laser beams of hate::

I have researched natural ways to get rid of ants and have tried out 3 in our backyard. Over the next week I am going to see which was the most effective of getting rid of the ants and keeping them gone. I used vinegar, hot water and cornmeal in 3 test areas (not all mixed together obviously).

I'm expecting that the hot water and vinegar will  have instant results but won't  be long lasting. I have high hopes that the cornmeal will take longer to work but will effectively get rid of the colony.

How do you get rid of ants?

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  1. I can't wait to see the results since we've also had issues with ants. I tried to find natural solutions as well (vinegar, baby powder etc), but haven't had any luck yet...

  2. I'm so happy to see a post about the obnoxious ants. (Not happy that you're battling them, too!) I will wait with baited breath to see which natural formula works best for you...and then I will jump on your bandwagon. I have been unsuccessful thus far and they are in my kitchen!!!

  3. @Kendra - I used baby powder last year and it didn't work at all. I just keeps them from crossing the line of baby powder but doesn't get rid of them.

    @Mama Bird - I have seen some in our house too. I'm hoping if I get rid of them at the 'source' they will stop coming inside!

  4. We're getting hit with them too this year, in the house. We first discovered them in our dishwasher. Ew!

    Molasses + orange oil + water can work if you know where their nest is. It's primarily a fire ant trick, but I hear it works for other types of ants too.

  5. If you take a spray bottle and put some Dr. Bronner's peppermint castil soap in there (a couple ounces) and spray it on the outside of window sills and doors, etc it will help keep the bugs away.


  6. That is a great tip! Does it work right away or is it more slow acting?

  7. @Mrs. T - that sounds like a great way from keeping them from coming inside. I have also heard that chaulk lines work well.

  8. Try cinnamon...ants hate cinnamon. Use cinnamon sicks near their entry point (to block their entrance/exit from the ant hill) and ground cinnamon along their trail. Good luck!

  9. Ants are weird man because seriously who hates cinnamon!

  10. We had the same problem a couple of years ago and we used Borax, which is apparently quite natural although you wouldn't want your pet to eat it. We have a dog, so we put some in an empty bottle from recycling along with some sugar. The ants would crawl in to get it and they'd never come out. Kind of gruesome, but no more ants! Good luck.

    I just found your blog on Circle of Blogs. We are also Canadian and we're doing a similar experiment - trying to be socially responsible. You can check us out at www.talesofgoodness.com if you like. Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Andrea. Fantastic blog! I am now following.