5 Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! If you are joining from the Ultimate Blog Party then stick around and have some fun! If you were already here then go and check out the party.

Lets see...I guess I should introduce myself. I am Jen and am an environmentalist (by trade and in my spare time). I have always tried to live a sustainable life and started this blog when I started to get a lot of questions about how to have a more green lifestyle. So here I am, talking about our life and what we are doing. We aren't perfect and I openly talk about when we fuck up. But I love sharing our successes too. 

My husband is Joe and he is not as crunchy as I am but is still very supportive and along for the ride! Our son is B and he is the coolest kid in town.

Here are some posts I would recommend checking out.
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::rolls eyes hard::
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  1. Following you from the Canadian Blog Hop - great site and great info!!

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  3. Hey there! It's been great talking to you a bit on Twitter tonight for the party, and I look forward to chatting in the future.

  4. Love the greeness of your blog - it's always been my favorite color and now it means even more! Have a great party!

  5. Hi! Here from the party and now following you!