1 Do you know where your compost has been?

I have had people ask why we continue to compost at home when we have a city compost program. We can compost much more in the city program than we can at home (like meat) and in the winter it is so much easier to put our scraps in the bin in the garage vs having to shovel a path to the bin in the backyard. But there is a reason why we will continue to compost at home while still using the city program. We like to use the compost on our garden and although we can buy compost from the city program I don't trust it. I don't know what other people have been putting into their green bins so why would I put it onto our vegetable garden?  By using what comes out of our own compost bin we have control over what is being put onto on garden and eventually ends up on our plate.

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  1. I completely agree. Our small city doesn't even have a green bin program, but even if they did, I would not use it. I know what every scrap in my composter is, I'm certainly not using some random compost that has who knows what in it!