2 Monkey See Monkey Do

It is a crazy world we live in isn't it? A world where people buy a purse because Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton have it. A world where Heidi Montag has over 1.1 million twitter followers. What if more celebrities were living sustainable lives and didn't buy into consumerism? What if talked about their choices openly and what if people listened? Can you imagine the impact it could have.

There are millions of people out there like Joe and I. Individuals and families making sustainable choices in their lives and even sharing it with their little corner of the virtual world. Celebrities have more bandwidth than we do. They can reach more people faster and lets face it people will follow what they do.

What if the products placed in TV shows and movies were environmentally friendly products. No more water bottles, instead reusable bottles. No SUV's but instead electric cars. Fair trade coffee, home gardens, no more paper towels.

What if our children looked up to celebrities for being more than an athlete or movie star?

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  1. seriously..
    Check out Jason Mraz's blog, he is a great inspiration *and celebrity to ;)*

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!