1 Why I don't have a hybrid

I get asked all the time why I don't have a hybrid. Is it a common expectation for every environmentalist to have one? Hybrids are insanely expensive up here (more expensive than in the US) so I am sure that prevents a lot of people from buying one. For us it is simply because our current car works well. It is only 7 years old, has great fuel economy and purrs like a kitten. I have thought about trading it in and upgrading to a hybrid but that would actually create a bigger environmental burden. The additional materials to build a new car and then adding yet another car to the used vehicle market. It is better for us to continue to use this car and then in the future invest in a hybrid.

Perhaps by then Mazda will finally have a hybrid car. SERIOUSLY MAZDA GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!!

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  1. Hahaha, seriously- I just got some literature from Mazda in the mail and one of the first things in their pamphlet said "We haven't produced a hybrid yet because we feel our time is better spent on making our current engines MORE energy efficient" or something to that effect.