5 A Change in Habits

At home we have many waste diversion options available. We have recycling, backyard composting and a curbside compost program. At work I have recycling only. Typically things that I would normally compost at home I throw in the trash at work because that is the only option available to me. Until I had a total 'WTH am I doing' moment. Why was I not bringing my compostables from work home with me to put into our composter? We aren't talking about a large amount of compostables here but every little bit adds up over time.

For the past two weeks I have been bringing my tea bags, kleenex, paper towel, banana peels, apple cores etc. home with me. I am sure people find it odd to see me keep these things and not throw them out. If anyone asks I will just explain what I am doing and why...and who knows maybe it will encourage others to do the same!

What do you have available to you at work? Do have to bringing your trash home with you to be able to divert it from the landfill?

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  1. I started doing this, too. Recycling cans and I think plastic bottles is available but very far away from our breakroom.

  2. Your coworkers should only be concerned if you start taking there compostables home with you too. I do bring my plastic bottles home with me as there is no recycling at work other then paper.

  3. I haven't quite convinced my husband that we should be composting. I'm working on him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't generate any compostable waste while he's at work. Just styrofoam coffee cups--which I'm on his case about!

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  5. What do you use to carry compostables home?
    I generate a lot of fruit waste and coffee grounds/filter - every day. I also bike to work. Any suggestions for a good container that won't leak (but will fit in my bike bag)