2 Disappointed

I hate our tile floor. It is in the kitchen, the powder room, the front hall and the hall back to the garage. Whoever picked it out when this house was build can seriously kiss my ass. It has that pitted kind of texture to it which I have determined means it is impossible to get clean. I have tried a steam mop and had no success at all. Today I finally gave in and used a mop with some old cleaner we had in the garage. I am disappointed in myself for using a cleaner but I feel like I had no other option. The floor needs to be clean and nothing works. And by nothing I mean even the cleaner didn't work. Le sigh. If it hadn't been nap time I would have taken a sledge hammer to the floor today.

Does anyone else have a tile floor that is similar? How on earth do you get it clean. And please don't tell me scrubbing on your hands and knees because there is just too much floor for that!

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  1. AH! YES, I have a similar situation at my house but it is white with little dents which means it is always brown, gross! I struggled with the same thing and even (don't judge me) resorted to bleach to get it clean. But I have searched and searched and found the solution. The first time just to get all of the gross stuff out you will probably have to do a little scrubbing but it is for sure minimal. I actually just used a rag and not a scrub brush. Then for maintenance the mop was fine.
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  2. I know your pain...our floors are old sealed slate. At least our floor colouration is dirt friendly!