5 Bathroom Waste - NOT Poop Related

Right now in our bathrooms we have just one waste receptacle. So everything goes in there and then I have to sort it when it is time to empty it. Lately this has been annoying me. I would rather separate it right from the start but the idea of having 3 bins in each bathroom seems to be a bit overboard to me.  I have found one from simplehuman that has 2 divisions which could work if I can't find one with 3 but it is almost $200. That is just plain crazy.

What do you do? Do you just have one bin and sort later? Do you have multiple bins lined up side by side? Do you have bins inside your cabinets?

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  1. I walk it to the recycle bin in the kitchen. I know, boring. You could always make one and decorate it to match your bathroom.

  2. Not boring at all! I think that would work for the recycling because it may not be an every day thing. But for the compost I think I am going to need something.

  3. Flings bins have opo up recycling bins that are wonderful!
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  4. Why dont you make your own? For Example..take some wood and make a container in the size you want and section it off into three parts.

  5. Tall, wide glass/metal/plastic vessels should work.. like the kind in the decorative floral isle of Wal-Mart (or home dec. stores) I've been considering a few of them lately, just for recycling. I'd have to keep the actual trash can so the fam doesn't get confused, LOL.
    (I'm from the Green Mama bloghop, btw. I would have posted there, but I've been struggling with the same question!)