2 ::rolls eyes HARD::

There is always one in the crowd. The person just waiting for the opportunity to take the opposite stance of pretty much every sane person. The conversation always begins normal with random chit chat about say the weather.

Crazy person: How was your drive in?
Jen: It took forever to just get out of our neighbourhood. You?
Crazy person: blah blah blah ~long answer about their drive
Jen: It is balls cold out there today.
Crazy person: Yah. Hope can anyone believe in global warming on a day like today. 
Jen: ::scaredballs look::
Crazy person: I mean if global warming was real then it would be warm right now. Not cold.
Jen: ::blank stare::

If it was acceptable to slowly back away from situations like this I would. 

The thing is there are people who actually believe this. Who believe that global warming means that everything should be warm all the time. Have they not seen The Day After Tomorrow???  Le sigh. Do you ever wonder if things would be different if someone had come up with a different name than Global Warming?  

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  1. good lord, I hear this too, and it just boggles my mind.

  2. i totally have a friend like this! drives me crazy!! he does it on purpose, too, but also truly believes it isn't a problem.