1 Go Green Gift Guide

I am really trying to keep the environment in mind when Christmas shopping this year. I feel like I am doing a good job so far. I have purchased everything online from within Ontario so far and 75% of them have been eco-friendly. I have come across some really cool gift ideas lately and I thought I would share them with you.

Eco clothing is hard to come by....especially adult clothing. I have talked about Rapanui before and how much I love what their company stands for. Their bamboo socks will keep you warm in the winter and their organic cotton shirts will keep you looking cool in the summer. Rapanui has a special offer for my readers! Enter the discount code 'jen and joey' and you will receive 10% off your purchase. Shark top here I come!!

One of my favourite places to shop is Etsy. If you haven't already check out the 'shop local' area. This is a great way to purchase something handmade and local!  While looking at the local shops in my area I came across All Deck'd Out. It is full of jewelery made from recycled skateboards! There are some seriously cool items in this shop and I plan on getting myself a necklace in the new year!

I am always looking for a twist on an every day product. This year it was crayons. Clementine Art Products has natural soy crayons that contain no chemical dyes or additives. I thought I was going to have to order them from the US but I found a local shop that carries them! They have a lot of other great natural art products as well so check them out if you are looking for stocking stuffers for the little one's in your life.

I have a lot of nieces and nephews to buy for and I do struggle with what to get them when they are really young and don't yet know what the holidays are all about. I think this is an opportunity to buy them something that helps give back. Consider adopting an animal at your local zoo, buying a goat for a family or sending a young girl to school for a year.

Another great idea is to create a basket of goodies. You can really customize it based on the recipient. Throw in a bottle of local wine, jars of homemade hot chocolate, brownie mix, fair trade organic tea, Otterbottle thermos, beeswax candles, homemade laundry detergent and wool dryer balls.

Looking for other ideas? Check out the Ethical Ocean Holiday Gift Guide.

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  1. I love the idea about the Zoo animal! I would like a camel Please. I actually have bought one special guy this xmas a "Green" toy. I actually found "Green" toys at Chapters. Now they are made in the USA but they are made with recycled plastic and follow the international standards. Also when i was at a purse store here in Btfd i found green wallets and purses. The purses are made in the USA but are made out of recycled seatbelts (LOVE THEM). The wallets i found are made by a Canadian Designer and the insides are made from recycled bottles. And i was surprised prices are not bad.