1 Fuel for your body and your car?

If you know me you probably think I am talking about poop or farts after reading the title. Well unfortunately I am not. I was kicking back watching some TV on the weekend and for some reason it was on the Winnipeg news (hello time shifting - not that I was watching the Winnipeg news...I was watching something before that and was too lazy to change the channel). ANYWAYS...a scientist in Winnipeg has been experimenting with breaking down coffee cups to make fuel. Apparently Tim Hortons cups break down faster and better than Starbucks. Obviously because they are Canadian eh?

Think about the implications of this if it does work. I mean it is Doc Brown Flex Capacitor that runs off of pop (soda for my American followers) and banana peels kind of good. I am positive Big Oil won't like it though.

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1 comment:

  1. Ooh, a flux capacitor. I want one! I want one! :)