As you know I have been experimenting with Sun Chips bags in our garden and composter. Well I am sad to announce that the compostable Sun Chip bag is no more. That's right.....noise wins out over the environment. The bags are loud but not like a jet engine like the article suggests. I can still  hear the TV over it, I can carry on a conversation over it. And really....how much are you playing with the bag anyways? Do people just sit there with one hand in their chip bag or something? Have people never heard of putting chips in a magical invention called a "bowl"?

Well I hope that they will come up with a bag that will meet their customers needs. And hopefully fairly quickly.


  1. Are they serious. Too LOUD! I agree why not put them in a bowl.

    How are they breaking down in the compost? My daughter is doing a her science project on gdiapers and breaking them down in water, using dirt, and compost (since they are compostable also).

    life of this SAHM

  2. It took 14 weeks for mine to break down in my composter. It started off really slow though and I was skeptical about it working but it did!

    You just have to make sure that you stir it a lot (to get the oxygen in) and then make sure you have the right balance of compostible materials in there. The heat etc. will break it all down.

  3. Well it DID go away. I'm still learning the ropes of my composter too, so who knows how many weeks it would have taken me (i haven't tried, yet!)?

    They said it was compostable and it was. Can't say that for other chip bags.


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  5. i'm going to have to disagree with the purchase of single-use snacks pretty vocally. sun chips & frito lay are all about greenwashing and are meant for industrial composters because most compost piles do not reach the 130 degree minimum that their website indicates is needed. why not stop purchasing the junk food and instead purchase (or Make) healthy snacks instead that are not as wasteful?

  6. We do eat a lot of homemade and healthy snacks but yep we also eat chips. And we can't afford to spend the $6 per (small) bag for the fancy organic chips.

    The Sun Chips bag broke down fine in our composter. It was totally gone within the 14 weeks that they said it would.

    So if I am going to buy chips (that are affordable) why not buy the one's that I don't have to throw the bag out?