5 Catching up on a few things....

Over the last few weeks I have won 2 awards from Life Love Green and Life of this SAHM.  Thanks ladies!

The rules of accepting this award are that I have to post this in my blog and link back to the blog that awarded it to me.

Then I have to name 10 other bloggers that I love and have recently discovered or that I could marry if I could. Then contact them and let them know that I think that they are kickassawesome.

So who am I picking? ::drum roll please::

1. Attack of the Red Neck Mommy
2. Calgary Daddy
3. Green Baby Guide
4. Green and Clean Mom
5. GreenInspiration
6. Look at the Birds
7. Strocel
8. The Foster Family
9. Natural Papa
10. Cheap and Creative


  1. Thanks Jen! We accept and will make our own awards!

  2. Thank you so much for the award - it made my evening! :)

  3. Aw, thank you so very much. You just made my morning!

  4. Hi, Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Life The Green Way. Don't you just love the Green Blog Hop! I'm your newest follower. I'm glad I found your blog :)