7 You take the Good and you take the Bad....

I'm in now way perfect when it comes to being environmentally friendly. I mean who is really?  I was thinking today about the little things that I do that are good for the environment and the things that I do are bad. Things that I just do and have never really questioned until I started to think about it today.

The Good

I have never used any kind of chemical on our lawn. This is probably why it is not grass but rather weeds...weeds that I am pretty sure are plotting to kill me.

I don't wear or buy makeup.

I don't buy a lot of 'stuff'. No consumerism for me.

The Bad

I double bag it. I put our kitchen waste into a kitchen garbage bag. When it is full I put it into a big garbage bag in the garbage can in the garage.
When I am cleaning out the fridge if something is vomitus I throw it out instead of having to handle it any way to compost it or scrape it out and recycle it. Gagging on the smell is the last thing I want.
I shave in the shower with the water running.

The Chin Scratchers

What does everyone do with their water? Like water from boiling veggies and pasta? Water that was in a glass that they were drinking and they don't want it anymore?

Do you bring your compostable materials home from work?

If you are joining me from the Green Blog Hop then Welcome!!! Hope you stick around for awhile.

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  1. yeah, no one is! I don't even have a compost right now, but I try my hardest in other areas. I'm in a unit now, but when I was in my house I used to do everything possible to save water.

    Bath water got used to soak clothes, then mop the floor, then put int eh toilet cistern.

    Cooking/drinking water went on the garden. I'd collect the water in the shower to use on the garden/toilet cistern/in the washing machine/on the garden.

    It probably helps that I live in drought stricken Aus.

    Anyway, I am your newest follower! And I look forward to reading mroe! :)

  2. We're you trying to have us all singing The Facts of Life theme song?

    No seriously, I agree with you.. It's a struggle of mine trying to find some sort of balance between being environmentally conscious and not going broke!

    So glad to have met you on here! I'm your newest follower!

  3. Following from the Green Blog Hop. Hope you will stop by

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Green Blog Hop!!! :) Nice to meet another green mommy! Great post!

    Hope you'll come visit me soon and follow back.
    Lisa xoxo
    Raising Future Leaders

  5. Hi, I am a new follower from the blog hop!

    Kari @ http://shining2save.com

  6. Great ideas about what to do with water! The area we live in is huge on conserving water so I find I am always thinking of ways to cut back.

    @Dana - yes that was my master plan. Is it out of your head yet?

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