5 Do you ever......

Go to the grocery store to pick up 2 items so you don't take a bag with you because you know you can just carry those 2 items in your hands. Then you end up getting 7 items and you don't want to buy a plastic bag so you still carry all 7 items in your hands (plus your wallet and your keys). And you have to balance the items against your chest and also with your chin?

Yah...me neither. ::whistles and walks away::


  1. Yes! All the time. This is why I snapped up an envirosax bag to keep in my purse when I found one on sale recently.

  2. Yep - all the time! I also finally bought an Envirosax bag and use it frequently.

  3. See my problem is that I don't take a purse to work. I just put my wallet in my laptop bag. So when I go into the grocery store I am just carrying my wallet.

  4. That happens to me as well but i also say to myself i am just getting two items so i dont get a cart....Stupid me....When i do purchase the seven instead of the 2 items i refuse to purchase a bag at 5 cents when 4 cents of that doesnt go back into the environment or into the cost of making the bag but into profit! So i put the items back in the cart and wheel them to my car.

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