5 This party is going to be the death of me

B's 1st birthday is next week. WTH has the time gone? Can I hit the pause button please??? For his birthday we are keeping it to immediate family only (and his BFF Miss K) but we have big families so we are looking at over 30 people. I had good intentions of making my own paper with seeds in it for the invitations. I bought everything I needed to make it but could not find seeds. Who knew that I would be a few weeks late of them being available. I was going to make the paper anyways...I even shredded all the paper...but I got a big fat case of the lazies. Just too many other things to do and I didn't want to spend the few spare minutes I have at night making frickin paper. Now I know why my friends told me I was crazy when I told them of my plans.

So I did an email invitation (hello environmentally friendly). Invitation problem SOLVED.

Now the loot bag. I wanted to do seedlings but I am having a pickle of a time finding them. So what the hell am I going to do now? Eco-friendly is required......and the kids are mostly 1 and 3. I had better come up with someone really fast.

Cheese and rice....cake...I need to think about cake. Who knew it would be so hard to find an organic baker.

So any ideas for loot bag? 1 year olds like cucumbers from the garden RIGHT? Because I have about eleventy billion of those.

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  1. So,do 1 and 3 year olds really NEED loot bags? They probably won't notice. You can tell their parents (who will notice, of course) that you are doing it to be eco. Maybe you will start a new trend - I hope so becuase I have a 9 and 12 year old and have given out too much plastic junk in loot bags. (If you can't start a trend now, then know that when they are about 11 it is no longer cool to have loot bags).

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  3. @Michelle - they don't need loot bags at all. I shook the fist at the sky when we started to get them at other kids parties. But I have come across a fantastic alternative and hopefully will be able to do something similar each year.

  4. You can take the supplies you bought for the invitations and use them to make thank you cards instead. As for loot bags, you can do whatever you choose but you need to remember a your target audience. A seedling is a great idea but you need to remember some people dont have the space or a green thumb and that seedling will never get the chance to survive. What you can do is reusable stuff...i.e. the actual bag why not make it a reusable bag that wont be thrown out and if you are really good maybe you can find some organic material.

  5. I love the seedlings idea!

    I'm in an apartment right now and sadly probably wouldn't have anywhere outside to plant it... but I would at least try to put it in a pot near a window and see what I could get it to do.

    Or- give it to a friend! I know when I had a yard and someone gave me a plant to put in the garden, every time I saw that plant I thought of that person :) ♥