0 Garden Update

I went out to check on our garden last Sunday and was like a little kid when I saw what was growing. So many cucumbers!!! And the one's that were ready to be picked were HUGE. I am talking the size of my arm kind of huge. I went out again last night and got a pepper and some tomatoes. There are a million more cukes growing AND A WATERMELON!!!  I flailed my arms and ran in circles when I saw that.

I would take a picture of the garden in all its awesomeness but it is embarrassing. The cucumbers have run wild and are covering about 90% of the garden. The beans have climbed their poles, then back down then up again and are so heavy that the poles lay on the ground. The tomato cages are on upside down because I bought them way too late after planting the plants.

But at least I am getting some veggies out of it right?! Not bad for our first attempt at a garden. I already have plans for expansion next year. Will Joe finally get his pumpkin? Stay tuned.

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