2 Hand Me Downs

I have a thing for robots. If I see anything that has a robot on it I have to buy it for B. Thankfully I have found loads of great robot clothes at the local consignment shop. B grows so ridiculously fast that the idea of spending a crap load of money on new clothes for him just seems ridiculous to me. $30 for jeans for a baby???? COME ON! I don't care how much money you make it just makes no sense to me to spend that kind of money for something your kid will puke and crap on.

We have bought the majority of B's clothes at a 2nd hand store. Some of them are new with tags on still, some are gently used. They are all in great condition, which is what matters the most. I love that we are saving money and also doing something for the environment. When he outgrows them we will sell them back to the same store or sell them online.

Now that B is almost 1 we are starting to get into hand me downs. My brother and sister in law gave us their son's old clothes...like 4 diaper cases worth of clothes. Sah-weet deal.

If buying used clothes isn't your thing then consider donating your clothes or selling them back to a consignment shop when your kid outgrows them. You are helping the environment by reducing the amount of resources required to make clothes and all the waste and emissions that go along with it.

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  1. I love buying used clothes for myself, too, for the same reasons... and if I puke or crap on them I don't fret quite the way I would if I did that to some brand new sweater.

    Plus it's also a great way to shop for clothes if you hate all the styles or colors currently in stores... have you gone shopping lately? Um, ick. No.

  2. So...how often do you poop yourself Sam???? :)

    Dude I can not remember the last time I actually shopped for myself. Well I bought that dress for MB's wedding but other than that it has been awhile. Jen and skinny jeans do not mix.