4 Damn I am Easy

Not cheap though....

I have mentioned before the horrific state our 3 year old TV is in. It is sad really. I can barely watch the Food Network because the food is 1 of 2 colours. Yellow or green. There is no nom nom noming going on in this house.

Joe was flipping through the Best Buy flyer and came across an Eco TV. Seriously....the thing even has a sensor to shut off if no one is in the room. I wonder if it works for sleeping (snoring) people in the room? I wouldn't have to come downstairs and turn it off after Joe has fallen asleep watching whatever boring movie is on that night. ::fingers crossed::

So all it took was about 30 seconds for him to convince me that this is our future TV. I think he is starting to catch on that this is the way to get what he wants. I am in trouble aren't I?

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  1. Oh I can't stand when my TV does some funny colors and lines tricks!! It is not that old either and should last a lot longer!! I am a new follower on your blog!! Visit me at Mama's Little Chick-

    Mama Hen

  2. Joe has found your achilles heel! I've never heard of an Eco TV, but I'm sure someone will make some good money from the idea!

  3. hi from mbc! and if you're easy then so am i. that tv sounds awesome!

  4. The TV came out on the 11th and I think I am more excited than Joe. So I agree that he has found my achilles heel ::shakes fist at Joe::

    Alabaster - you through me for a loop when you said MBC because those are one of my interwebz BFF's initials and I was all "Why is MBC in texas? Did she steal those kids?" bawawawah