1 Which is worse? Plastic vs Stainless Steel Containers

We have a lot of plastic containers that we use for lunches, leftovers etc. They are mostly yogurt, margarine, cottage cheese and chinese food containers. A lot of people are attempting to reduce or completely eliminate plastic from their lives and yet I sit here will a full (like close the door quickly before the stuff falls out kind of full) cupboard of plastic containers.

I don't heat food in them. Just store stuff in our fridge or take it to work with me to keep sandwiches and snacks in.We could replace all the plastic with glass or stainless steel containers. But which is worse?

Getting rid of all that plastic that is technially still in good condition and can be used over and over again and get glass/stainless steel.


Keep the plastic and use it until it can't be used anymore and then replace with glass/stainless?

Note - all the plastic containers are accepted by our regions recycling program.

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  1. This is a tough one. We decided to buy a few metal and glass containers and start reusing glass jars from stuff like pasta sauce and so on. We try to avoid buying things that come in plastic unless we can not do otherwise.

    Today I think I have about 5 plastic containers left. When we get something in plastic we do not get rid of the container we reuse for something other then food.

    Storing tools, nails, craft supplies, homemade paints and play-dough. I also keep some on hand to send food away with guest - as I do not want to loose my good containers. I also use some for art projects and so on.

    It probably took us about 2 years to get to where we are today. I also want to point out that the only things that we buy that typically comes in plastic is Vanilla Yogurt and our frozen blueberries.

    Good luck coming to a decision that is right for you