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Although some may say that this is not very eco-friendly we use Ziploc bags in our house. There are just some things (like freezing meat) that I can not find alternative solutions for. Recently I have seen Ziploc bags (the Evolve line) made from 25% less plastic and partly using wind energy. When our current box runs out (we reuse them for awhile so we don't go through a full box too quickly) I am going to switch to these one's.

What can you do with used Ziploc bags? You could make a really tiny hat, keep them in a pile that you keep meaning to clean but never seem to get around to it (WHAT???), fill it with air and make a floatation device (don't try this at home kids). OR you could send it to TerraCycle.  Their current brigade is a special one because it is for schools only. I remember being in school and collecting things for charity. Everyone would get so excited. I remember collecing pop tabs and them somehow going to make wheelchairs. Side note - does anyone remember the different meanings for pulling of the tab in full or without the bottom part???? Anyways, I think this is a cool way for kids to get excited about the environment and to raise money for their school.

Right now the Ziploc brigade is only open to schools in the US but Canadians keep your eye on the Canadian TerraCycle site for upcoming brigades (there are currently 3 on there).

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